Heart pendant ❤️ 📿

Belated happy Valentine’s Day. Today I will show you how to make a heart  pendant 📿❤️



  • heart-shaped stencil ❤️
  • PVA Glue 🍼
  • Red Colour 🖍
  • Red Dry Glitter 💥
  • Red Liquid Glitter 🛑
  • Jump rings 🔗
  • whitener🖋
  •  Toothpick📌


Take the stencil and place it on a plane surface. Fill the bottom of the stencil with a thin layer of  glue. Mix some red colour and dry red glitter in it and stir using a toothpick. Then remove the stencil and you will find a red glittering heart shaped glue formation. Let it dry for a day. Once its dry write the name of your loved one or a special message in the heart using the whitener. Border the edge using liquid red glitter. Let it dry. Cover the whole heart with a thick layer of glue that dries clear. Let it dry . ⬆️Repeat this process three times. Once it’s dry peel it of the surface and you will get a good heart to make a pendant. Now make a hole in the top middle part of the heart. Insert a jump ring or a series of jump rings. Your pendant is ready.

Your valentine will love a hand made DIY pendant 🎁


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