Hi Guys, Its almost new year 2⃣0⃣1⃣7⃣📅and you will be getting lots of gifts.🎁🎊 No place to store them?🚫🚪 No problem✋, I’ll teach you how to make one.😉 Let’s make a newspaper📰 treasure💰 chest📦 to store our gifts.🎁🎉


  • Cardboard box (chest-shaped)📦
  • glue🍼
  • newspaper📰
  • brown poster paint🍶
  • Paintbrus💅


1. Shape your box so that it looks like the box above.


2. Make rolls with your newpaper sheets. Make many newspaper rolls as you have to cover the whole box with it.


3.stick the rolls on the chest and let it dry.


4. Paint it with brown paint and let it dry.

😁😊Your chest is ready😊😁


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