Hi guys! Merry Christmas. Cheers! These gifts are for you. In my last post I asked you all wether you want to know how to make a purse or some lilies. Most of you wanted to know how to make the purse and here are the steps.




  • Old Bottle
  • Cutter
  • Coloured Washi Tape
  • Patterned Washi Tape
  • Pearl Stickers
  • Iron


Cut the bottle in half and take the bottom part. Trim the edges properly so that it has a even length. Then heat the iron and melt the edges so that it does not hurt you.


Cover the bottle with a coloured tape of your choice. I have used black. Cover the inside part too so that it looks beautiful from inside also.


Use your pattern tape and make border on the rim of the purse and cover the base too. I have used a white lace patterned tape but you can use any pattern you like.


Make the handles of the purse using pattern tape as shown in the photo.


Stick some pearl sticker on the rim and the base of the purse to enhance its look. Your purse is ready.



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